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Starbucks Cafe interior

Starbucks Settles Breakfast Sandwich Price-Switch Class Action

A California judge granted preliminary approval of a settlement that would end a price-switch class action lawsuit against Starbucks Corp., alleging the company overcharges customers for certain breakfast sandwiches. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge… Read More


OB-GYN Doctor’s Denied Disability Benefits Prompts Unum Lawsuit

A Tennessee OB-GYN surgeon is suing Unum Life Insurance and its subsidiary Paul Revere Life Insurance Co. for alleged improper denied disability benefits. Plaintiff Barbara N. an obstetrician, gynecologist and surgeon who has practiced medicine… Read More

Cipro class action settlement

California Cipro Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

A $100 million settlement with Hoechst Marion Roussel Inc., Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc. and The Rugby Group Inc. (the “HMR defendants”) has been reached in a class action lawsuit involving the price of the antibiotic drug… Read More

Essure Birth Control

Essure Injury Lawsuits Not Preempted by Federal Law, Judge Finds

A California judge has allowed a set of consolidated Essure injury lawsuits to continue over defendant Bayer’s objection that the plaintiffs’ state law claims are preempted by federal law. The decision allows 11 different Essure… Read More

Woman injecting emergency medicine into her leg

EpiPen Class Action Says Two-Packs Violate Consumer Protection Laws

A group of plaintiffs from several different states have filed suit against Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc., claiming the company’s marketing of EpiPens violates consumer protection laws. The plaintiffs specifically challenge Mylan’s practice of marketing EpiPens exclusively… Read More