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Plaintiffs Fight Bid to Dismiss Smartphone Privacy Class Action Lawsuit

While Samsung Electronics Co., HTC Corp., Carrier IQ Inc., and other companies attempt to dismiss a smartphone privacy multidistrict litigation (MDL), the plaintiffs of these class action lawsuits have pushed back with their own opposing memorandum. In… Read More »

Ind. Woman Files Unum Lawsuit After Benefits Claim Denial

An Indiana woman has filed a disability insurance claim denial lawsuit against the national life insurance company Unum, alleging that the company wrongfully denied her disability claim and refused to pay the benefits due to her based... Read More »

Class Action Lawsuit Blames Obama Administration For Medicare Backlog

A nationwide class action lawsuit was filed in Connecticut federal court on Tuesday alleging that the Obama administration has failed to clear the backlog of Medicare appeals that take over 500 days to resolve, which… Read More »

Lipitor Lawsuits Skyrocket In Months Following Creation of MDL

Lipitor lawsuits against Pfizer Inc. have skyrocketed in the face of allegations that the heart disease medication causes type-2 diabetes in women. Lipitor type-2 diabetes lawsuits have increased from 56 to almost 1,000 in just... Read More »

Majority of Chrysler Defective Power System Class Action Survives

A federal judge has trimmed a Chrysler defective power system class action lawsuit while maintaining all but one of the alleged violations of state consumer protection system. The vehicles named in the Chrysler class action lawsuit include more… Read More »


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