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‘Protein-Spiking’ Alleged in Body Fortress False Ad Class Action Lawsuit

Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein supplement doesn’t have as much protein as advertised, according to a class action lawsuit filed Monday against United States Nutrition Inc., Healthwatchers Inc. and parent company NBTY Inc. According… Read More »

First DePuy Metal-on-Metal Hip Lawsuit Going to Trial

In spite of recent efforts by DePuy to have a metal-on-metal hip lawsuit thrown out, the lawsuit will go to trial on September 1. The metal-on-metal hip lawsuit is part of a special phase of the... Read More »

Amended Complaint Filed in Target Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit

Attorneys representing plaintiffs in the multidistrict litigation (MDL) over the massive Target data breach have filed an amended class action lawsuit complaint that sets forth the strongest legal claims from dozens of data breach lawsuits… Read More »

Study: Viagra May Increase Risk of Deadly Melanoma Skin Cancer

A recent scientific study indicates that men who take Viagra may have an almost 84 percent higher chance of developing melanoma, the most aggressive skin cancer. This Viagra melanoma study was published in the Journal of... Read More »

Apple Establishes Replacement Program for Defective iPhone 5 Batteries

There have been various consumer reports filed by iPhone 5 users concerning the low battery life of their Apple products. Apple Inc. has since looked into the problem and determined that a small batch of… Read More »


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