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EBay Hit With Data Security Breach Class Action Lawsuit

EBay was hit with a data security breach class action lawsuit by an eBay customer alleging that the ecommerce website did not have adequate security to protect its customers’ information from identity thieves when the… Read More »

iPad Unlimited Data Class Action Settlement Pays Out $40 to U.S. Consumers

Apple customers who purchased an iPad 3G before June 7, 2010 are receiving $40 checks in the mail this week from a 2010 class action lawsuit accusing Apple Inc. and AT&T Mobility LLC of falsely… Read More »

Hip Replacement Lawsuit Filed Against Zimmer Inc.

A Texas woman filed a metal hip replacement lawsuit against Zimmer Holdings Inc. and its affiliates alleging that she suffered extreme pain and complications from the company’s metal hip replacement system. Plaintff Lynn Harris alleges… Read More »

Woman Files iPhone Tracking Class Action Lawsuit

The intersection between technology and privacy has always been a difficult one to manage by the law, but a new iPhone tracking class action lawsuit is notable for two separate reasons: the reliance of a… Read More »

Fluidmaster’s NO-BURST Pipes Are Defective, Class Action Lawsuit Says

Fluidmaster Inc. has been hit with a class action lawsuit alleging its “NO-BURST” pipes have a design defect that causes them to corrode and fail prematurely. The NO-BURST pipes, which are manufactured and marketed by… Read More »


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