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Vivint Inc. Accused of Failing to Pay for Mandatory Job Training

The security company Vivint Inc. is in the cross hairs of a potential class action lawsuit by former and current employees who were not paid or compensated in any way after going through mandatory training. … Read More »

Dilantin Linked to Serious Complications, Including SJS

For epileptics plagued by unpredictable and uncontrollable seizures, a drug like Dilantin may seem a godsend. However, some patients have suffered serious and even life-threatening side effects from the drug. Dilantin Dilantin (Phenytoin sodium) is… Read More »

Unum Goes From Insurance Pioneer to Legal Scrutiny

Unum, also called Unum Provident, is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States and the world. It controls more than 40 percent of the disability insurance market, a larger proportion than any… Read More »

Do HGH Supplements Like GenF20 Plus Work?

People who buy supplements do so with the belief that they will be able to take advantage of the benefits promised by the companies that make them. However, there are some who doubt whether or… Read More »

Janumet and Byetta Killed a Texas Woman, Lawsuit Says

A  San Marcos, Texas, woman named Nancy Megerson allegedly died as a result of using the diabetes medications Byetta and Janumet, according to a new lawsuit filed March 31. The drug injury lawsuit, filed the… Read More »


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