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State AGs’ Apple E-Book Price Fixing Cases Head to Damages Trial

A judge has ruled that 31 states have both Article III and prudential standing, allowing their attorneys general to continue a case against a tech giant with a damages trial for both their claims and… Read More »

Study: Infuse Bone Graft Complications May Outweigh Benefits

A recent study suggests that Medtronic Inc.’s Infuse Bone Graft works no better than older spine grafts and carries an increased risk of cancer and other adverse side effects. In a healthy spine, discs, a… Read More »

JPMorgan Bankers Reach $16M Overtime Class Action Settlement

Business bankers employed by JPMorgan Chase & Co. have reached a $16 million class action settlement agreement with the bank over its failure to pay overtime, according to documents filed in New York federal court… Read More »

Mercedes Hit with Class Action Lawsuit over Leaky Mini-Vans

A class action lawsuit was filed against the Mercedes Benz company alleging that the defects in the air conditioning in the Mercedes Sprinter, a mini-van, causes the roof to leak. The plaintiff also alleges that… Read More »

Potential Mesothelioma Treatment Found in Breast Cancer Drug

The findings of a new study indicate that the breast cancer drug Aromasin may also be an effective treatment against mesothelioma. Researchers from Italy’s Regina Elena National Cancer Institute published their findings in the March… Read More »


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