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MetLife TCPA Class Action Lawsuit Too Complex For Summary Judgment

Several requests for summary motions in the MetLife Telephone Consumer Protection Act class action lawsuit have been denied by a Florida federal judge who says the TCPA lawsuit is too complex for a summary judgment…. Read More »

Mediation Program Set Up to Help Settle Stryker Hip Implant Lawsuits

A New Jersey court has put in place a mediation program to help increase the chances of settling Stryker hip implant lawsuits. Superior Court Judge Brian R. Martinotti in Bergen County ordered the Stryker Rejuvenate... Read More »

Patients Needing Antibiotics Should Be Aware of Zithromax Side Effects

One of the biggest concerns when someone is not feeling well is getting on with life. Missing work or a weekend getaway can be frustrating. Yet a recent online study indicates that people who try… Read More »

Morcellation Cancer Lawsuits Bolstered by New Study

Morcellation is a part of some types of laparoscopic surgery, a futuristic, cutting-edge procedure. However, a new study has supported concerns that morcellation can be linked to serious complications, including making cancer spread. This has... Read More »

Three Major Annuity Fraud Lawsuits Reach Settlement Phase

Several major firms have reached settlements in annuity lawsuits related to allegations of annuities fraud. Annuities are a financial product where a person pays a set amount in order to later receive a payout at... Read More »


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