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Dodge Dart Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Defective Transmissions

Chrysler was hit with a class action lawsuit by a California couple over the Dodge Dart, alleging that the vehicle was made with a faulty transmission that makes it potentially unsafe. Plaintiffs Joshua and Marta… Read More »

NY Senators Call for Nationwide Power Morcellator Recall

Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, issued a power morcellator recall last month with an announcement that the company is stepping out of the morcellation business. This decision was based on a variety of... Read More »

Scientists Discover Genome Vulnerable to Dilantin SJS

Researchers in Taiwan have determined that the anti-convulsant medication Dilantin (Phenytoin) and its generic variations can cause the severe allergic skin reaction known as Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS). The study indicated that Dilantin and its... Read More »

Bethlehem Steel Pays Out Millions in Asbestos Lawsuits

Bethlehem Steel was an industrial powerhouse that helped build the American landscape, but also is intimately connected with asbestos mesothelioma. Bethlehem Steel, based in Pennsylvania, traces its roots back to the Saucona Iron Company, and... Read More »

DePuy Hip Implant Lawsuits Dismissed in Favor of Earlier Settlement

Nearly 350 DePuy ASR metal hip implant lawsuits were dismissed without prejudice from New Jersey Superior Court earlier this month. The plaintiffs of the dismissed lawsuits will instead have their complaints addressed in the related... Read More »


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