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Yelp Wants Out of ‘Find Friends’ Class Action Lawsuit

In a class action lawsuit accusing mobile app developers of violating users’ privacy rights, Yelp is seeking dismissal of the claims against them by arguing that users consent to let them use their contacts lists… Read More


Rachel Ray Nutrish Pet Food May Be Guilty of False Advertising

Many consumers, when purchasing food for their pets, gravitate toward the newer trend pet foods that boast “natural” ingredients. Pet food manufacturers communicate this quality primarily through photos on the fronts of their packages. Rachel… Read More


Starbucks Underfilled Iced Drinks Class Action Gets Dismissed

A proposed class action lawsuit that accused Starbucks of misrepresenting the sizes of its cold drinks has been dismissed by a California federal judge. The Starbucks underfilled drinks lawsuit, filed on behalf of plaintiff Alexander… Read More


Can Baby Powder Cause Cancer?

As more studies and reports show a link, consumers and the medical community alike are faced with the question: Can baby powder cause cancer? What is Talcum Powder? Baby powder, often made from talcum powder,… Read More


Prograf Indirect Purchaser Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Astellas has reached a preliminary $13.25 million class action lawsuit settlement with indirect purchasers of its brand name immunosuppressant Prograf, resolving claims that it purposely delayed generic versions of the drug. In 2011, several class action lawsuits… Read More