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Fiberon Composite Decking Class Action Settlement

Fiber Composites LLC has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit that alleges some of its composite decking products were susceptible to mold and fungus growth, and that the company failed to honor its warranty... Read More »

Lamps Plus ZIP Code Collection Class Action Settlement

Lamps Plus Inc. has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit that alleged the retailer collected customers’ ZIP codes during a credit card purchase in violation of California law. If you were asked to provide... Read More »

State AGs’ Apple E-Book Price Fixing Cases Head to Damages Trial

A judge has ruled that 31 states have both Article III and prudential standing, allowing their attorneys general to continue a case against a tech giant with a damages trial for both their claims and… Read More »

Study: Infuse Bone Graft Complications May Outweigh Benefits

A recent study suggests that Medtronic Inc.’s Infuse Bone Graft works no better than older spine grafts and carries an increased risk of cancer and other adverse side effects. In a healthy spine, discs, a… Read More »

JPMorgan Bankers Reach $16M Overtime Class Action Settlement

Business bankers employed by JPMorgan Chase & Co. have reached a $16 million class action settlement agreement with the bank over its failure to pay overtime, according to documents filed in New York federal court… Read More »


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