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Bell Bike Seat

Bell Children’s Bike Seat New Jersey Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Who’s Affected Bell Sports, Inc. has been hit with a class action lawsuit alleging that it sold children’s bicycle seats in New Jersey that were not “Made in the USA” as advertised. Bell makes various models of… Read More »


Netflix Class Action Filed Over ‘Grandfathered’ Price Increase

A class action lawsuit alleges that Netflix Inc. broke the contract it made with millions of customers who have “grandfathered” subscription plans with price guarantees. According to the Netflix class action, “For a period of time,… Read More »


Asbestos Discovered in New Mexico Public Services Building

Carpet installers working in an office suite in a building referred to as the PERA building in Santa Fe, New Mexico recently found that some of the carpet tiles that they were removing and replacing… Read More »


Target Class Action Says RedCard is Deceptively Marketed

A California man says that Target tricks consumers into using a payment method that comes with an unreasonable risk of excessive fees. Plaintiff James Walters claims that Target deceptively presents its RedCard payment method as… Read More »

Taxotere Hair Loos

Can Chemotherapy Cause Permanent Hair Loss?

Advocates for breast cancer awareness have recently made efforts to spread awareness of the side effects of a popular chemotherapy drug often used for breast cancer treatment. Popular chemotherapy drug Taxotere has been allegedly causing… Read More »