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apple class action lawsuit

Apple Class Action: iPhone Users not Reimbursed for ‘Error 53’

In a class action lawsuit alleging that an update to Apple iPhones caused users to lose their data, the plaintiffs argued against a motion to dismiss the claims, saying Apple never reimbursed them or proposed Class… Read More »

ADP class action lawsuit is filed.

ADP Payroll Information Helps Cyber Thieves Commit Tax Fraud

Computer security is like a chainlink fence; all it takes is one weak link, and the information wiggles through. ADP Payroll claims a weak link not of their making is what led to the sensitive… Read More »

engine defect class action

Another Class Action Alleges VW, Audi Engine Defect

A new class action filed on May 20 alleges that Volkswagen and Audi fraudulently sold certain model vehicles knowing that they had a hidden engine defect. In addition, the complaint asserts that VW and Audi… Read More »

zofran birth defect ultrasound

Zofran Pregnancy Birth Defects Prompts Lawsuit

An Alabama woman recently filed a Zofran pregnancy lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline on behalf of her minor child, alleging that Zofran use during pregnancy led to significant birth defects for her child. The Zofran pregnancy lawsuit… Read More »

Eliquis Bleeding

Eliquis Bleeding Lawsuit Filed Over Cerebral Hemorrhaging

In recent Eliquis lawsuit news, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer Inc. are facing a new Eliquis bleeding lawsuit brought by a Louisiana man who suffered serious injuries allegedly brought on the popular blood thinning medication. Due to… Read More »