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On Call Shift Problems Include Stress, Payment Issues

Technology might feel like your best friend, or it might feel like your worst enemy, especially if you’ve experienced on call shift problems. In today’s world of text messages, email on phones and cell towers… Read More

Dilantin Cerebellar Atrophy

Dilantin Cerebellar Atrophy Symptoms Can Resemble Stroke

Epileptic patients often take prescription medication Dilantin to control seizures, but unfortunately, Dilantin cerebellar atrophy symptoms pop up among those who have been taking the drug for extended periods of time. The cerebellum is the… Read More


Lawsuit Alleges Link Between Benicar HCT and Colonic Injuries

A man has filed a lawsuit as part of the multidistrict litigation against Daiichi Sankyo alleging that its antihypertensive medication Benicar HCT caused him personal injury. Plaintiff Luther M., a 68-year-old Mississippi resident, began taking… Read More


Women Report Problems with Morcellation Surgeries

Many women opt to undergo a type of hysterectomy or fibroid removal surgery using a medical device called a power morcellator. However, there have been growing reports of problems with morcellation surgeries. How Does a… Read More

Nexium and Kidney Disease

Is There a Link Between Nexium and Kidney Disease?

Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) including Nexium are some of the most commonly used heartburn medications on the market today. Over the last decade, doctors prescribed Nexium to millions of patients under the belief that there… Read More