Morcellation Cancer Lawsuits Bolstered by New Study

Morcellation is a part of some types of laparoscopic surgery, a futuristic, cutting-edge procedure. However, a new study has supported concerns that morcellation can be linked to serious complications, including making cancer spread. This has lead to continued scrutiny for morcellation and... Read More »


Three Major Annuity Fraud Lawsuits Reach Settlement Phase

Several major firms have reached settlements in annuity lawsuits related to allegations of annuities fraud. Annuities are a financial product where a person pays a set amount in order to later receive a payout at a later date. Fraudulent annuities are cases... Read More »


Dilantin Rash Can be the Beginning of SJS

The drug Dilantin can be a godsend for an epileptic. However, the drug has been linked to a potentially life-threatening complication called Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) or the Dilantin rash. Dilantin is a type of drug designed to treat several types of… Read More »


Pfizer Hit With Lipitor Type-2 Diabetes Lawsuit By Mass. Woman

A Massachusetts woman has filed a Lipitor Lawsuit against Pfizer Inc. after she allegedly developed type-2 diabetes from her consumption of Pfizer’s popular statin drug. She is one of hundreds of women pursuing type-2 diabetes lawsuits against Lipitor’s drug manufacturer. Around October… Read More »


Ky. Woman Alleges Internal Bleeding from Xarelto

Like the longer-established Pradaxa, Xarelto (rivaroxaban) is a member of the family of anticoagulants known as “direct thrombin inhibitors,” which are used to reduce the risk of blood clots and strokes. And like its sister drugs, it is alleged to cause uncontrollable… Read More »


Settlement: Quaker Must Remove Trans Fats From Oatmeal Products

Quaker Oats Co. will have to remove trans fats from its oatmeal products as part of a class action settlement agreement, alleging that the oatmeal products were advertised as healthy even though they contained partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs). A California federal judge… Read More »


Class Action Slams ‘Fake’ Michael Kors Outlet Store Discount Prices

Michael Kors LLC was slammed with a class action lawsuit last week accusing the clothing company of tricking customers into believing they were purchasing discounted clothing items at Micheal Kors factory outlet stores by using fictitious “original” retail prices. Lead plaintiff, California… Read More »


Calif. Couple Pursues Janumet Pancreatic Cancer Lawsuit

A California couple filed a Janumet lawsuit against Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. in June after the husband allegedly developed terminal cancer from his use of the type-2 diabetes drug. Plaintiffs Peter and Beverly Tabb filed this Janumet lawsuit after Mr. Tabb... Read More »