popchips class action settlement

A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit that claims Popchips Inc. violated state laws regarding the marketing and sale of its “Popchips” brand snack products. If you purchased “Popchips” brand snack products between Jan. 1, 2007 and Nov. 14, 2013, you could be eligible to receive compensation from the Popchips class action settlement.

Who’s Eligible

Class Members of the Popchips settlement include anyone who resides in the United States and bought certain “Popchips” brand snack products between Jan. 1, 2007 and Nov. 14, 2013. Under the terms of the Popchips class action settlement, eligible Popchips brand snack products include:

  • “original”
  • “sour cream & onion”
  • “barbeque”
  • “sea salt & vinegar”
  • “sweet potato”
  • “parmesan & garlic”
  • “jalapeno”
  • “cheddar”
  • “salt & pepper”
  • “chili lime”
  • “thai sweet chili”
  • “brown sugar & spice”
  • “nacho cheese tortilla chips”
  • “ranch tortilla chips”
  • “salsa tortilla chips”
  • “chili limón tortilla chips”
  • “katy’s kettle corn”
  • “salted caramel corn”
  • “hint of butter corn chips”
  • “cheddar corn chips”
  • “sea salt corn chips”
  • “salsa corn chips”
  • “sea salt rice chips”
  • “wasabi rice chips”
  • “golden cheddar multi grain chips”
  • “salted multi grain chips”
  • “olive oil veggie chips”
  • “tuscan herb veggie chips”
  • “sea salt veggie chips”
Potential Award

Up to $10 Cash or $20 in Product Vouchers. Class Members who submit a valid Claim Form may be eligible to receive either Popchips vouchers worth up to $20 or a cash payment of up to $10, depending on the number of Popchips brand snack products they purchased during the settlement period.

Class Members who elect the cash option may be eligible to receive a payment of $1 per bag of Popchips brand snack products purchased, up to a total of 10 bags, per household. Class Members who elect the voucher option may be eligible to receive two $1 Popchips vouchers per bag of Popchips brand snack products purchased, up to a maximum of 10 bags, per household.

If the total dollar value of claims filed by Class Members is more than the amount available from the class action settlement funds to satisfy the claims, the benefit available to Class Members will be reduced on a pro-rata basis. The actual amount of benefits each Class Member will receive may not be determined until the Popchips class action settlement gets final approval.

Proof of Purchase

Class Members may file a claim for benefits by stating, under the penalty of perjury: (1) the amount and identity of Popchips brand products purchased; (2) the name of the store or stores, including city and state, where the purchase or purchases occurred; and (3) that the Popchips brand snack products were purchased between Jan 1., 2007 and Nov. 14, 2013.

Claim Form Deadline


Case Name

Tonya Kelly, et al. v Popchips Inc., Case No. 1316-CV11037, in the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri, at Kansas City.

Case Summary

The Popchips settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit (Tonya Kelly, et al. v. Popchips Inc.) that alleges Popchips Inc. misled consumers by marketing and labeling its “popchips” brand snack products as an “all natural” and “healthier” food product.

Popchips denies the allegations but has agreed to settle the class action lawsuit to avoid the uncertainty and expense of litigation.

Final Hearing


Settlement Website
Claims Administrator

Popchips Inc. Settlement
P.O. Box 3076
Faribault, MN 55021-2676

Class Counsel

Christopher S. Shank
Brenda G. Hamilton

Defense Counsel

James P. Muehlberger
Douglas B. Maddock Jr.

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  • Steve January 27, 2014

    1/27/2014: The online claim form doesn’t work correctly when entering products & amounts.

    • Adrienne B. January 28, 2014

      You have to go through and type an entry for each bag that purchased. I had to fill out 10 times.

      • Steve January 28, 2014

        Gotcha. Thanks Adrienne B.

        • Adrienne B. February 4, 2014

          you’re welcome. :)

          • ton February 12, 2014

            This is why Rust the administrator sucks. I don’t remember what I had for dinner Monday, but I’m supposed to remember which chip I bought in 2007.

    • Susan May 13, 2014

      YOU ARE RIGHT AND NO ONE SEEMS TO WANT TO CORRECT IT – HERE IS THE MESSAGE THAT KEEPS POPPING UP….someone needs to fix it or just print a claim form and send it!

      Please provide the Product Information for the 10 products that you claimed as purchased.

  • ton February 12, 2014

    Also, it’s quite obvious that they make it a pain in the ass to fill out to get less responses. They probably have a chip that came out in 2009 and will negate the whole claim if you say you bought them in 2007.

  • Average Joe March 20, 2014

    If I choose the voucher, will it be mailed or emailed to me? If emailed, where will it come from, and how do I keep my spam folder from catching it? No real contact information is given on the site (the “hotline” just plays a prerecorded message over and over).

  • cvincelette1@roadrunner.com July 29, 2014

    I filed claim Got nothing. Looks like all my claims got lost Poor Lawyers

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