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Alexia potato class action settlementIf you purchased certain Alexia frozen potato products between December 6, 2007 and July 10, 2013, you can claim up to $35 cash or up to $75 in food product vouchers from the class action lawsuit settlement.

A federal judge preliminarily approved the Alexia class action settlement in July, resolving allegations that Alexia Food Inc. falsely labeled its potato products as “natural” when they contained an artificial chemical called disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate to prevent discoloration.

Alexia denies any wrongdoing but has agreed to establish a $3.2 million class action lawsuit settlement fund to resolve the litigation. Parent company ConAgra Inc. has also agreed to use citric acid or other naturally-sourced compounds in Alexia potatoes to prevent them from turning brown.

Class Members of the Alexia settlement include anyone who purchased the following Alexia frozen potato products in the United States during the Class Period:

  •     Sauté Reds
  •     Mashed Potatoes Yukon Gold Potatoes & Sea Salt
  •     Mashed Potatoes Red Potatoes with Garlic & Parmesan
  •     Waffle Fries
  •     Harvest Sauté
  •     Italian Sauté
  •     Sauté Sweets
  •     Potato Bites

Class Members who submit a valid Claim Form by the deadline of November 27, 2013 will be able to choose one of the following class action settlement benefits:

  •     A cash payment of $3.50 for each product purchased (up to 10 products), for a total of $35.
  •     Two $3.75 Alexia product food vouchers for every one Alexia product purchased (up to 10 products), for a total of up to $75.00 in vouchers.
  •     You may also choose a combination of cash and vouchers for up to a total of 10 products purchased. For example, you may file a claim for five cash payments and five voucher awards.

A Final Fairness Hearing is scheduled for December 11, 2013. Claims will not be paid unless the settlement is approved and all appeals, if any, are resolved.

Claim Forms and more information on your rights in the Alexia Frozen Potato Products Class Action Lawsuit Settlement can be found at www.AlexiaSettlement.com.

The case is In Re Alexia Foods Inc. Litigation, Case No. 4:11-cv-06119-PJH, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

UPDATE: A federal judge granted final approval to the Alexia Potato Products Class Action Settlement at the Final Fairness Hearing.



Top Class Actions LLC

How to File a Claim for the Alexia Potatoes Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Website of the Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Administrator: www.AlexiaSettlement.com

Address to submit a claim form (REQUIRED):

Claim Forms can be submitted online at www.AlexiaSettlement.com or to the following address:

Alexia Settlement
P.O. Box 3023
Faribault, MN 55021-2623

Claims must be postmarked by: 11/27/13

Settlement Administrator:

Rust Consulting
P.O. Box 3023
Faribault, MN 55021-2623

Class Counsel:

Mark Pifko
Roland Tellis

Nadeem Faruqi

Defense Counsel:

Robert B. Hawk


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  • dorothy omalley September 5, 2013

    I bought this product because i thiught it was all natural .

  • Barbara Saskiewicz September 7, 2013

    like to eat healthy can you fix your product so I can feel good about eating your potatoes.

  • Andrea DeBose September 9, 2013

    I brought this product because I throught healthy for you.

  • Kelly September 9, 2013

    There are other reasons why they should be sued for calling their food “all natural” and deceiving customers. How about the GMOs they have in their stuff?? LIARS.

  • Linford Simpson September 10, 2013

    I baught this product because its make up for an important part of my diet.

  • doris crutchfield September 16, 2013

    purchased product because of it’s claim of natural and healthy content

  • Meg September 17, 2013

    I’m not sure if my claim went thru is there a way of checking to find out my email is jaxs_mama@hotmail.com thanks so much

  • connie sheley September 21, 2013


  • Denise September 24, 2013

    My job is to hand out free samples of an assigned product and Alexia waffle fries was one of them. I found nothing wrong with the taste. During the sampling phase, I give out savings coupons on the product to potential customers. (coupons are not always provided)

  • John Sauerman September 24, 2013

    It was my understanding that this product was safe and
    healthy for my diet. Very disapointed in this false claim

  • John Odey September 28, 2013

    I found the products to be tasty and bought them regularly. Too bad they claimed all natural but I’m still going to purchase them again. It would be nice to secure an email claim confirmation rather than having to print it out as I have a tendcy to misplace my paper files.

  • Joseph Malbrough October 12, 2013


  • HERBERT THOMAS October 18, 2013


  • Lovette Cherry October 21, 2013

    Love those waffle fries.

  • christina October 30, 2013

    I have purchased these potatoes many times try to buy food that is very tasty but good for you

  • darrian watson October 31, 2013

    I bought this product because i thought it was all natural but it wasn’t .

  • jr October 31, 2013


    This is real quick money

  • keith w boggess October 31, 2013

    wae bad

  • Lauren November 5, 2013


  • Ralph Baker November 17, 2013

    Purchased product because it said all natural.

  • Lavon rogers November 19, 2013

    I though they were health for my family to it.

  • C.C. November 21, 2013

    Rust Consulting will cheat most of us out of this one too!

  • Keith Letterlou November 25, 2013

    Never again

  • SUKHDEEP November 25, 2013

    never again

  • charles e williams November 26, 2013

    no more for me

  • chris December 18, 2013

    Any checks yet ?

  • mike January 14, 2014

    Anybody heard or received anything yet-whats going on?

  • angie January 16, 2014

    Rust Consulting…….hmmmmmm

  • barbara hudson January 16, 2014

    Have the checks been mailed yet?

  • Stefani January 17, 2014

    Rust consulting is running this one. So do not expect a check any time soon and if you do get one it will probably be 1 dollar.

  • laura i January 21, 2014

    I have started copying confirmation number and emailing to myself an putting in a special folder

  • Deon January 24, 2014

    Where is the payout!!!

  • Dee February 3, 2014


  • dee February 7, 2014

    Hello updates please for us consumers please…Thanks

  • Ming February 7, 2014

    Recieved a check in the mail for $8.27 big ripoff

    • dee February 7, 2014

      From Alexia frozen potato???? or was if from the Woodman v. ADP Settlement

  • Ming February 7, 2014

    Sacramento ca

  • amy February 8, 2014

    Ming,the check you received was it from alexia?

  • Stefani February 9, 2014

    Where are the checks? What is the hold up with the payouts from these settlements?

  • Ming February 10, 2014

    Yes it was from alexia and i received a check for $15 from adp

  • tonya February 10, 2014

    Has anyone else received a check?

  • amy February 10, 2014

    Ming,who is adp?

  • skullgrl February 11, 2014

    adp is the auto text settlement

  • Scott February 11, 2014

    I received my check. A total of $10.11 cents on February 8th. If you have not gotten a check by now, it means you are not getting one.

  • Stefani February 11, 2014

    Rust Consulting handled this claim and several other claims. If you have several claims with them, you WILL NOT receive payment for all of them. Probably just one. If Rust Consulting sees you have multiple claims with them, you will be flagged.

  • robert February 11, 2014

    It is not the product companies that are dragging this on it is the Distribution Administrator firms that have to make sure each and every claim is correct, while they get the bulk of the money right away and they rest of the plaintiff consumers have to wait for the left over crumbs!!!!

    This is how it goes:
    1. Court Fees
    2. Attorney Fees
    3. Charitable Funds if applicable
    4. Main Plaintiffs
    5. Distribution Fund Administrator fees to cover services and postal fees
    6.The rest of the plaintiffs

  • Big D February 11, 2014

    Anyone get a check in California yet?

  • sharon February 12, 2014

    Has anyone gotten a check?

  • klcook_@live.com February 13, 2014


  • Liza February 15, 2014

    Rust will screw 90% of the people out of their claims.. I and many others are filing a lawsuit against these crooks..

  • ANGEL February 15, 2014


  • ton February 18, 2014

    hey lisa and angel, I’m quite pissed off also, mainly at the administrators Rust and Garden City Group. Who are they to mass deny every claim a whole group puts in since they don’t like that they made claimes before. It would be fun to get hundreds of rejected claimers to mass claim with them. 200 pissed off claimers 1 claim per day 100 days. An extra 20000 claims times 5 claims they are working on. What do u think. Harass

  • Pauline March 4, 2014

    Any checks yet

  • susa2912 March 11, 2014

    No check in Louisiana.

  • Tina March 11, 2014

    no checks in NC either

  • AMY March 12, 2014

    got email was told it would be at least 3 months before checks go out

  • kim henderson March 15, 2014

    hi all!nothing in MO yet>did anybody hear anything?

  • mike March 18, 2014

    nothing yet in mo. hello rust whats going on update your people

  • Melissa April 1, 2014

    let’s start a class action against RUST

    • sweet April 2, 2014


      • ton April 3, 2014

        The total award is $2,500,000 cash and $700,000 vouchers. The lawyers will probably get 1/3 of the $3.2 million or $1,070,000 plus they are asking for up to $800000 expenses. Rust probably gets $100000 and the main defendants get $5000 each. This will leave $600000 cash and $700000 vouchers. Do you think the lawyers want to be paid in vouchers. So the class of defendants get 40% of the settlement and 55% of that is potatoes. I think the lawyers try to settle quickly for a quick payday with no concern for the mass of defrauded consumers. Just my humble opinion.

        • carol April 8, 2014

          hey TON why don’t you shut up? you post on every claim and act like you know what’s going on. nobody asked you pal.

          • ton April 8, 2014

            Hey Carol, get a life. I’m about the 10th person that you have said shut up to. You contribute no information and you bitch constantly. When did you get the power to say who could or couldn’t post. The people you said shut up to I want to read their comments.

  • stephanie April 13, 2014

    Any one get a check on this one yet?

  • Melissa April 14, 2014

    Nothing in Washington State

  • cindy April 15, 2014

    Nothing in SC

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