Unum Faces Insurance Denial Lawsuit from Ariz. Policyholder

An Arizona resident has filed a lawsuit against insurance giant Unum, alleging the company denied his insurance claim in bad faith. Craig Cheek, who filed the lawsuit, had a Unum disability insurance policy through his employer, Tyson Foods. The Unum lawsuit does… Read More »


Fla. Woman Sues Pharmaceutical Giants Over Byetta Induced Injuries

A Florida woman is suing pharmaceutical giants Amylin Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly & Co. for  injuries she sustained from the type-2 diabetes treatment drug, Byetta. Regina Skiba alleges that as a direct result of taking the medication, she developed pancreatic cancer. Skiba… Read More »


Ohio Woman Sues Pfizer for Lipitor’s Alleged Diabetes Risk

An Ohio woman is suing Pfizer Inc. for the injuries she allegedly sustained from the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor. Mary Honkonen alleges that she developed type-2 diabetes as a result of her Lipitor treatment. According to the lawsuit, Honkonen was prescribed with Lipitor… Read More »


HGH Supplements May Make Illegal Drug Claims

Every few years, a new facet of human health is discovered. While these new discoveries sometimes turn out to be new miracle drugs, many revelations only translate to fad supplements and products that may cross the line into false advertising. Human Growth… Read More »


Fla. Man Says AndroGel Testosterone Treatment Caused Stroke

Florida resident Frank Lau filed a testosterone gel lawsuit in February alleging that the Axiron and AndroGel testosterone gels he was using caused the stroke he suffered from. Lau was 43, very healthy and had no history of heart disease prior to using… Read More »


FCC Commissioner: Clarification Needed On TCPA

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was enacted in 1991 because of consumer complaints on unwanted solicitation calls on homes. Over the years, interpretation of the law has changed to include robocalls, text messages, junk faxes and calls to mobile phones. Now… Read More »


Zithromax May Trigger Cardiovascular Events

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2013 warned that Azithromycin, a commonly-prescribed antibiotic, may trigger a potentially deadly irregular heart rhythm for some patients. Azithromycin, sold as Zithromax, Zmax and often referred to as a “Z-Pak,” is prescribed to treat bacterial… Read More »


Woman’s Death Leads to Yaz Side Effects Lawsuit

Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals has been hit with a wrongful death lawsuit after a Washington, D.C. woman died from side effects allegedly caused by Yaz birth control pills. According to the Yaz lawsuit, Angela Holland received a prescription for Yaz on April 2,… Read More »


Bayer Hit With Lawsuit Alleging Mirena IUD Injuries

West Virginia resident Danielle Bone filed a Mirena IUD lawsuit against Bayer Pharmaceuticals alleging that the birth control device lead to serious injuries she sustained leading her to and had to have have the device surgically removed. Bone was 22 years old… Read More »


Bank of America Reaches $31M Flood Insurance Class Action Settlement

An Oregon federal judge has preliminarily approved a class action settlement worth $31 million that will resolve allegations that Bank of America NA illegally forced homeowners to purchase overpriced and excessive flood insurance policies. The plaintiffs filed the class action lawsuit, which… Read More »