Marlboro LightsA Missouri court has given the green light to a class action lawsuit to proceed against Philip Morris USA, Inc. for allegedly misleading people about the amount of tar and nicotine delivered to smokers by Marlboro Lights cigarettes, and about the dangers of Marlboro Lights cigarettes. Plaintiffs in the Marlboro Lights class action lawsuit claim Philip Morris did so through advertising and other marketing that convinced smokers that Marlboro Lights cigarettes delivered to smokers less tar and nicotine and were, therefore, less harmful than regular cigarettes, when in fact Marlboro Lights are at least as dangerous as regular cigarettes.

The Philip Morris class action lawsuit was certified by Judge Michael David of the Missouri Circuit Court, Twenty-Second Judicial Court. The class action lawsuit takes aim at two principal issues: (1) whether Philip Morris misled people about the amount of tar and nicotine they would receive from smoking Marlboro Lights and about the dangers of smoking Marlboro Lights versus regular cigarettes; and (2) whether people overpaid for Marlboro Lights as a result of Philip Morris’ alleged misrepresentations.

Judge David decided that Class Members of the Philip Morris Marlboro Lights class action lawsuit include, with certain exceptions, all residents of Missouri who purchased and consumed Marlboro Lights cigarettes in Missouri between February 14, 1995 and December 31, 2003 but who have not filed a claim for personal injury resulting from purchase or consumption of cigarettes.

Plaintiffs in the Marlboro Lights class action lawsuit are seeking to recover the amount of money Class Members overpaid for Marlboro Lights cigarettes and punitive damages for violating the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act.

Class Members in the newly certified class action lawsuit have until August 23, 2011 to decide whether to stay in the Class or whether to exclude themselves before the trial, which is currently set for September 6, 2011. By doing nothing, you remain in the Class and will keep the possibility of getting money from the class action lawsuit settlement. If you wish to exclude yourself and retain your right to sue individually, you must mail your Exclusion Request postmarked by August 23, 2011.

You can find more information about your rights in the Philip Morris Marlboro Lights Class Action Lawsuit at the Settlement Administrator’s website:

The case is Craft, et al. v. Philip Morris Companies, Inc., et al., Case No. 002-00406-02.

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  • Anonymous June 16, 2011

    Philip Morris Marlboro Lights Class Action Lawsuit Certified
    I have smoked Marlboro Lights for 20 years and was always under the assumption that they were not as bad for me as the full flavor!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous February 3, 2012

    My husband smoked Marlboro Lights for over 20 years and thought they were better for him (less nicotine) than the regular Marlboro. He was diagnosed with mouth and throat cancer and had to go through chemotherapy and radiation and unfortunately the cancer spread and he died in 2010.
    If you smoke…please give it you’re best shot to try to stop. Life is such a prescious gife and no one should have to go through the agony that my husband went through.

  • Anonymous September 8, 2012

    I smoked for 2 yrs quick for a year then smoked of and on for another 18 months. I quit for good when I was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease at age 25! Now I have 2 teenage girls that have to help care for me because due to this illness. I smoked Marlboro Lights and evn Ultra Lights thinking they were not as bad for me as Full Flavor.

  • deb July 2, 2013

    My husband has smoked lights for at least the last 15 years. How do I become part of this action…I live in WI

  • mark farmer January 10, 2014

    Yes the lawyers that sued phillipp morriss in Portland Oregon used my fathers name Ralph donalnd farmer when he died on the Marlboro lights class action lawsuit then lied to me and is trying very hard to cover it up and collected the money on my fathers name and didn’t contact me or give me a dime a travissty of justice and greed

  • Nancy Rodriguez May 1, 2014

    I have been smoking for 30 plus years, first Marlboro Reds and then went to lights when they came out.
    I thank God that I am not sick…but the thought that I was lied to, really upsets me.

  • cathy June 9, 2014

    with emphysema killing me daily I thought marboro lights was safe too… time to sue since I won’t be around much longer (final stages). What I will say is that more education needs to be taught so my little grandchildren don’t live their last years in pain and misery

  • Jackie July 21, 2014

    Would like to take part in this action. I have COPD caused by smoking. I have a poor quality of life now. I smoked Marlboro lights because I didn’t think they were as strong as

    the full flavor

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