TransUnionTop Class Actions readers are reporting that their settlement checks for the TransUnion Credit Report Class Action Lawsuit Settlement have arrived, and the payout is much larger than promised!

The TransUnion credit report settlement resolves a 2009 class action lawsuit, titled Wang v. Asset Acceptance, LLC, that alleged TransUnion issued credit reports containing inaccurate information about disputed debts. Class Members that had such a report submitted by TransUnion to a third-party between June 22, 2009 and October 15, 2009 had until March 2, 2012 to file a Claim Form to receive free credit monitoring and up to $100 in cash.

However, several Top Class Actions readers are reporting their settlement payout is nearly 50% more than the estimated $100 reward. This is probably because not all Class Members of the TransUnion Credit Report Settlement submitted Claim Forms.

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Special thanks to Top Class Actions reader “Kathy” for tipping us off that the TransUnion settlement is finally paying out!


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  • Anonymous November 29, 2012


  • markethia hill January 30, 2013

    i did not get my check i did fill out a claim and havent heard from it thanks

  • Clayton ScottJohnson February 14, 2013

    I received notice in January that my check had not yet been cashed so I emailed the law firm of Watts | Guerra | Craft that I had not received a check to cash. I was informed by a Mr. Ryan L. Thompson that it would take about a month to stop payment on the original check and issue a replacement check. Today I sent Mr. Thompson a followup email requesting an idea when this process may end since it has already been a month and I was informed that their financial office was very busy but I should be assured that my check was forthcoming.
    If I ever get this promised check it is supposed to be the remainder of a 443.00 settlement after legal fees, etc. My settlement is supposed to be 209.66 which would be nice to get, especially if I get it some time soon.

  • Clayton ScottJohnson February 27, 2013

    Today I called the law offices of Watts Guerra Craft and was met with a recorded message that the number is no longer in service. What’s up with this? They have been telling me for a month now that my check was forthcoming and now this and still no check. Do some get paid just to make it look legitimate while others get screwed?

  • Libby Burke March 17, 2013

    I received an email also saying my check has not been cashed, but have had no luck getting in contact with the law firm. What’s up with that?

  • Joyce Sykes June 10, 2013

    I guess we need to get us a lawyer and sue them

  • Joyce Sykes July 4, 2013

    I have contacted the Attorney General in my State. I honestly believe this is a rip-off. I think they might have paid a few people to make it look good. I have spreaded the word about them. It’s just a shame you can’t trust anyone. I know my check may not be much but it’s the principal of it!!!

  • Debra Newsome July 29, 2013

    I filed a claim before the deadline, and have not received any correspondence/check from any law firm.

  • Debra Newsome July 29, 2013

    I filed a claim before the deadline, and have not received any correspondence/check from any law firm.

  • Debra Newsome July 29, 2013

    I filed a claim before the deadline, and have not received any correspondence/check from any law firm.

  • GERALD BECKHAM August 21, 2013

    I filed a claim way before the deadline. i have not heard anything till today, a recording saying i was the lawyer that got u the settlement from transunion. Now I want to rep. u on this new lawsuit.
    wheres my money from the Transunion???

  • GERALD BECKHAM August 21, 2013

    I filed way before the deadline. I havent heared from anyone till today. I got a phone call with a recording. I am the lawyer that got u the settlement from Transunion. Now i want to rep. u on this lawsuit. Wheres my money from the Transunion settlement ???? Should i file complaints with the D.P.R.?

  • Rosamond Thomas November 26, 2013

    I filled out the form, sent it on time but I am yet to receive my check.

  • Johnny Gant June 19, 2014


  • Gladys July 20, 2014

    I received a letter in the mail to sign up for the class action lawsuit by May 31 2014 and I signed up on the 31st of May. Is this the same lawsuit? I have not received anything as well. How do we check?

  • Liz July 28, 2014

    Received check 7/28

  • Bob July 28, 2014

    Received check today 07/28 Only $25.80. There will also be a second distribution it says on the website.
    Unless the Seventh Circuit’s decision is appealed, the first round of checks will be distributed to Registered Claimants in the summer of 2014. A second distribution will take place in the future to distribute checks to all Registered Claimants who timely negotiated their checks during the first distribution.

    • Ellie July 28, 2014

      Is this a valid check??? I too just got my $25.80 check, but it doesn’t look like a real check. A bit wary of cashing it only to get to told the money wasn’t there/able to cover it and I’m stuck reimbursing the amount of the check plus a fee.

      Somebody please respond! Did anyone else cash this check?

      • Barbara July 28, 2014

        My husband and I both rec’d individual checks in the amount of $25.80. Not really sure what this was for and am afraid to deposit it. Beware of depositing this check into your checking account in case it is a scam. Going to check with bank to see if they will just cash it. Anyone have any problems with these checks?

        • Naomi Verdugo July 29, 2014

          I received a check for $25.80 on 7/28/2014. I find it odd that above the signature it says “For Deposit Only”. I have received several checks over the years and none of them have ever said for deposit only! I am going to return the check…return receipt requested and tell them they can re-issue the check without “For Deposit Only” on it or issue a debit card with the $25.80. I do not deal with banks! I do not have any place to deposit this check! I just find it very strange.

      • cis July 28, 2014

        I took the check to my bank and asked if it was fraud. They told me that it didn’t look quite right because there is no banking information. Such as no address for The Huntington National Bank printed on the check.

      • Joetta July 28, 2014

        Yes, I did cash the check. The bank noticed the “deposit only” and said that if there’s a problem with the check later then the $25.80 would come out of my account. But why would they issue a bad check for a large firm like TransUnion?

    • cis July 28, 2014

      I received my check today for $25.80. Why does the check have for deposit only printed on front. I don’t feel comfortable depositing it into my account. Making my information available to them

    • Lyn July 29, 2014

      Bob, would you please tell me which website you are referring to? We also received $25.80, but I’ve seen larger amounts, as being due to members of the suit. Thank you.

  • Alicia July 28, 2014

    I too received a check for 25.80 in the mail today but not at my home where I have lived for almost 6 years. It was sent to my parents. I’d be curious if anyone has cashed this with success.

  • Amanda July 28, 2014

    I recieved a chevk today for 25.80 as well but as stated above by others check does look suspicious, no bank address and for deposit only. Will check with my bank for more info before cashing/depositing.

  • Norris July 29, 2014

    Is this check real for $25.80 from tranunion?

  • Linda July 29, 2014

    Re: Bob’s comment above. I too received my check 7/28/14 in the amount of $25.80 from Transunion on the settlement matter. I hope there is another payout.

  • bonnie July 29, 2014

    I got my check on 7/29/2014 for 25.80. Going to take it to my bank and have them put a hold on it until they see if it is legit.

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