Ab Circle ProThe companies behind the Ab Circle Pro have agreed to pay as much as $25 million in refunds to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they made unsupported marketing claims. Consumers who purchased the abdominal exercise device can file a claim to receive a refund through the FTC’s Ab Circle Pro settlement.

According to the FTC, these unsupported advertising claims included the promise that using the Ab Circle Pro for just three minutes is equivalent to doing 100 sit ups and would “melt inches and pounds.” Testimonials featured in the infomercials claimed users had lost as much as 60 pounds by using the ab workout device. The complaint also charges the defendants with misrepresenting that using the Ab Circle Pro allowed pitchwoman Jennifer Nicole Lee to lose 80 pounds.

Specific claims cited by the FTC included that using the Ab Circle Pro:

  • caused rapid or substantial weight and fat loss;
  • resulted in loss of weight, fat, or inches in specific parts of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, buttocks, and thighs;
  • provided fat loss and weight loss equivalent to, or better than, a much longer gym workout; and
  • provided the same rapid and substantial weight loss that people who provided testimonials for the infomercial said they experienced.


The Ab Circle Pro was sold online, in stores, in one- and two-minute television commercials, and in print advertisements. Eligible consumers that purchased the product can apply for a refund at www.ftc.gov/bcp/cases/abcirclepro or fitnessbrands.action-settlement.com. The amount of your refund will depend on the number of claims submitted and approved.


UPDATE: The FTC posted the following update to their site in January 2014:

“The refund submission period is now closed, and the website is no longer accepting new refund requests. The FTC anticipates mailing partial refunds by June 2014. Consumers who have filed claims may contact the refund administrator, Analytics Consulting, LLC at 1-866-402-4752 to update their address, request additional updates not posted on the website, or for the status of their claim.”

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  • tomasina ellington March 20, 2013

    When is the deadline to file a claim for the ab circle refund?

  • Elmaretta Darden March 25, 2013

    I ordered the AB Circle hoping to loose my belly fat, I never lost not one inch.I really thought it works because the avertisement seem so promising. I would get up early in the morning exerise on the AB Circle for 20 minutes then at bed time for 20 minutes. I never lost not one inch.

  • Richard johnson March 25, 2013

    I was hoping to lose weight but gained.

  • greg April 23, 2013

    the website been down for weeks. the Judge should extend the deadline.

  • Aracelis Loveday April 26, 2013

    recieved password to go to website to fill out claim, website as expried.

  • Deanna May 7, 2013

    The deadline should be extended, went to website and the time for filing had expired.

  • Deanna May 7, 2013

    The deadline should be extended. I went to the website to file a claim and the deadline had expired.

  • Alvaro J. M May 17, 2013

    I want a refund back. The Ab Circle never worked!!!! I try to make a claim on line and the site was not working…please extend the claim deadline.

  • Gloria Barnes May 23, 2013

    I filed my form on 02/22/13 and I haven’t heard anything concerning the refund.

    I am waiting to hear something.

    Gloria Barnes

  • Gloria Barnes May 23, 2013

    I filed the the form before deadline and I am just waiting to hear from you.



  • Janetlea Elliott June 8, 2013

    Filed a claim over 6 months ago, when are the refunds expected? I understand the case has been settled???

  • cathy davis June 10, 2013

    How much longer before a refund is issued. I bought mine on line direct, easy to verify. Filed claim and NOTHING!!!
    They should double the refunds for all the wasted hours for something that never worked……FWB,Florida

  • Nancy July 4, 2013

    I filed a claim on February 27th and have not heard anything since then. Just wondering if there really is a refund?

  • me July 9, 2013

    I filed a claim a few months back,,,from what I hear the checks are suppose to be getting mailed out soon

  • Suzanna August 19, 2013

    I filed for a refund over a year ago and I have heard absolutely nothing

  • Michelle Lusby September 4, 2013

    I bought this product direct and filed the claim over a year ago-from the postcard that was sent to me. The website for the claim states that the lawsuit was settled yet I haven’t heard anything. Can we really expect a refund?

  • Sheila Elder September 17, 2013

    They had there answer back in March when will we they let us no .

  • Holly September 19, 2013

    Are there any updates, on when the checks will be mailed.

  • Pamela Hamilton September 28, 2013

    Any word yet??? I filed but nothing!!!

  • VASILIKI GAVRILIDIS October 10, 2013

    I Vasiliki Gavrilidis filed a claim a while ago, but recently moved to this address 618 forrest ave, Woodstock, ill

  • bruce heilig October 10, 2013

    I bought an ab circle last year and wasnt happy with it and its still like new. What do I have to do to get the refund, and when is this supposed to be over? I just found out about it.

  • Sharon Goeglein October 11, 2013

    I was told months ago that I would get my money back.
    I was thrown off of it and was bruised. I have not heard a word since and misplaced the copy of the paper I returned. Please send me a refund and a reply.

  • Kim Carmody October 15, 2013

    I applied for a refund a while ago and have not received anything yet. When is this anticipated to be paid?

  • Carol Kelly November 5, 2013

    I received a letter in the mail regarding this lawsuit and a refund. I mailed it back in.
    Do I still need to fill out more paperwork.

  • annie harris November 18, 2013

    After filling out the papers received in the mail, they were mailed back March1, 2013, haven’t heard back about the refund. What’s going on. Please send reply.

  • James Wilson November 20, 2013

    I filled the form out February 16, 2013 and have not heard anything from my refund. When will they be sent out???

  • Laurie Byers November 23, 2013

    I filled out the claim form on 2/19/13 and have not heard anything about my refund. When will the check be sent out?

  • susa2912 December 17, 2013

    Nothing in Louisiana yet!!

  • cheryl December 20, 2013

    I filed over a year ago and have proof of the filing receipt and have heard nothing whats up with that?????

  • charlene December 28, 2013

    Class action lawsuits takes some time because I have another class action lawsuit with a finance company that has been in litigation for 7 years.

  • debbie January 16, 2014

    i filed in april 2013 heard nothing. Product does not work

  • Michelle Santana-Vanausdall January 20, 2014

    I filed my claim online sometime last year (it was honestly so long ago I cannot remember). I am still waiting for a refund.

  • Terry Levesque January 23, 2014

    so it’s now January 2014, has anyone gotten a check yet? I havent! ;(

  • tim reed February 4, 2014

    Relax , most class action lawsuits take years to settle; checks should begin to arrive mid summer June thru August , after the 25 million dollars accrues enough interest to make the law firms happy , but my check should be first and doubled !

  • Elizabeth Remington February 11, 2014

    It is now Febuary 2014 and I still have not heard anything more about the settlement. I had one, it broke and I flew off it was bruised pretty bad. They sent a new one and I used it like they said along with the videos I purchased. Just caused more problems with my knees and did not work.

  • eva h March 4, 2014

    file on line 02/21/2013 .. have not heard anything. after 4 months off using it, i had to have a hip replacement..hip was fine before using it..

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