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Listerine Total Care Class Action Lawsuit
By Sarah Pierce

Listerine Total Care

Johnson & Johnson falsely claims that its Listerine Total Care Anticavity mouthwash fights dental plaque above the gum line, according to a class action lawsuit filed in San Francisco Federal Court. The class action lawsuit comes amidst an FDA crackdown on companies making false marketing claims about the benefits of mouth-rinse products.


Listerine Total Care Anticavity mouthwash is advertised as being able to help consumers “prevent cavities, restore enamel, strengthen teeth, kill bad breath germs, freshen breath” and “fight unsightly plaque above the gum line.” According to the class action lawsuit, however, Listerine’s sole active ingredient — sodium fluoride – “does not effectively fight plaque above the gum line” and is “ineffective for the purposes conveyed to consumers.” The lawsuit further charges that Johnson & Johnson tells consumers that Listerine Total Care is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), when, in fact, the product “does not have FDA approval for all of the purposes for which it is marketed.”


The Listerine Total Care class action lawsuit was filed just days after the FDA warned Johnson & Johnson to stop making unsupported claims that their mouthwash promotes healthy gums and removes plaque, because no such benefit has been proven. The FDA also warned two drugstore giants — CVS and Walgreens — to stop making unsubstantiated claims about their generic-brand mouthwash products: CVS Complete Care Anticavity Mouthwash and Walgreens Mouth Rinse Full Action.


Under U.S. law, companies cannot claim that a product is effective at treating a disease unless the FDA has approved the claim, or the active ingredient has been generally recognized as safe and effective for the claim. All three mouthwashes cited by the FDA contain sodium fluoride as their active ingredient, which prevents cavities but has not been found by the FDA to be effective at preventing gum disease or removing plaque.


The lawsuit is brought on behalf of all consumers who purchased Listerine Total Care Anticavity mouthwash within the United States. It also includes a separate class of individuals who purchased the product in California.  It is seeking damages and restitution for all class members.


A copy of the Johnson & Johnson Listerine Total Care Class Action Lawsuit can be read here 

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Updated October 6th, 2010


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  • Anonymous March 10, 2011

    Listerine Total Care Class Action Lawsuit
    i`m absolutely angry. i have dental problems. raging from gum disease, halitosis, loosing enamel. i`ve been using the listerine anticavity and the other ones for years every day trusting that they are helping in all the areas that they claim. so come to find out, that no reason i haven`t been getting better and am still suffering. i want on this law suite, i am furious. i will help with any backing or procedures needed to stop the wickedness of this destructive product. we need restitution for all the hell and misery we`ve all been put through for all this time.

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