Bayer Hit With Lawsuit Alleging Mirena IUD Injuries

West Virginia resident Danielle Bone filed a Mirena IUD lawsuit against Bayer Pharmaceuticals alleging that the birth control device lead to serious injuries she sustained leading her to and had to have have the device surgically removed. Bone was 22 years old… Read More »


Bank of America Reaches $31M Flood Insurance Class Action Settlement

An Oregon federal judge has preliminarily approved a class action settlement worth $31 million that will resolve allegations that Bank of America NA illegally forced homeowners to purchase overpriced and excessive flood insurance policies. The plaintiffs filed the class action lawsuit, which… Read More »


New Lawsuit Claims GranuFlo, NaturaLyte Caused Fatal Heart Attack

A new lawsuit has been filed against Fresenius, alleging that the company’s dialysis fluids are dangerous. GranuFlo and NaturaLyte GranuFlo and NaturalLyte are two similar products. Both are produced by Fresenius, a medical supply company. Both of these products are designed as… Read More »


Several Companies Hit With Asbestos Lawsuit

North Carolina plaintiffs Vernon and Dea Aune are suing multiple manufacturing companies for the injuries the primary plaintiff, Vernon Aune, suffered after being exposed to their asbestos products. The Aunes allege that in direct result of being exposed to the asbestos products,… Read More »


AdrenaLean Class Action Lawsuit Alleges False Advertising

A California man is seeking damages in a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of a nationwide class of consumers who purchased the weight loss supplement AdrenaLean from Exclusive Supplements Inc., alleging that the supplement does not contain a key ingredient advertised… Read More »


Couple Sues Medtronic Over Infuse Bone Graft Complications

A Washington couple is suing Medtronic Inc. for the injuries suffered by the husband after choosing to use the company’s Infuse Bone Graft device for his back surgery.  John and Megan Crowder allege as a direct result of using the medical device,… Read More »


W.Va. Chemical Spill Class Action Lawsuits Consolidated

Close to 60 civil lawsuits and class action lawsuits over a January 2014 chemical spill that tainted West Virginia residents’ drinking water will be consolidated after a judge found common questions of law and fact among the cases. The West Virginia chemical… Read More »


Jury Links Use of Baby Powder to Ovarian Cancer

Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder was developed in 1893. This led to a new product line for Johnson & Johnson, focused on helping parents care for their babies and young children. It’s been a staple in people’s lives for over a century,… Read More »


Trial Date Set for first Bellwether Pradaxa Lawsuit

A federal judge has officially announced the date for the first Pradaxa bellwether trial, as part of the Pradaxa multidistrict litigation. The judge has also determined an outline of dates the parties must meet for litigation deadlines, including exchanging witness lists and… Read More »